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Who is Alice Chichisan?

I was born and raised in Romania and came to this county in 1990. My family, while in Romania, has been affected greatly by the nefarious communist attacks which ultimately lead to us seeking political refuge in the United States. My book describes some of the struggles that we went through, to the best of my recollection.

Since being in America, I have earned a Bachelor of Sciences with two majors, one in Mathematics and one in Biology, as well as a Masters of Arts in Mathematics.

I am currently teaching mathematics at a college in Texas and looking forward to expressing myself through more writing.

Alice's Books

"A Path to Freedom Protected by God" 
By Alice Chichisan 

Neely Worldwide Publishing 

Officially Released 2nd February 2017 

Available in Paperback/E book


Did you ever feel that the state of the world was also your concern? The fact that history has not spoken much of the atrocities of the Romanian Revolution is by no mistake but as a woman who has lived through the incident, I must tell you how my life has changed since being free of the Communist Regime that was fully imposed upon me and my people. Today, I am older and as I look back, the pains of the revolution still exist in my mind. My story is true and it is the story of a revolutionary that did not know she was until I was approached by Ginny.

"The way towards knowledge (if you are willing to gain it) is to go through challenges"

- Elisabeta Rajepii