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The Grand Illusion: Slaves to Perception (PAPERBACK)


The Grand Illusion addresses WHO (they) controls the world and provides information on HOW this can be done by the hands of the few; from exploring the hidden history of man through religious texts and ancient artifacts that rewrite history and science, to the nature of reality. The book examines powerful hidden influences, their use of symbols, and their control of food, the environment, medicine, media, education, etc., to control humanity. From extraterrestrials and paranormal phenomena to massive energy rituals such as the 2012 London Olympic ceremonies and September 11th, 2001, events that reshape the global energy grid and humanity’s vibratory frequencies. (LONG) In this book, author Ryan Daniel breaks down the illusory nature of reality into three parts. Part I explores the nature of material world and how energy and vibrations create the perception that matter is solid. It also explains the nature of the esoteric and occult realms and details how our language has been hijacked to prevent the masses from properly communicating. Part II explores government black operations, the 'alien' myth (myth), genetically modified foods; and the dangers of vaccines and poisons in our water, medication, etc. It also explores the world of child/human trafficking's and the origins of many false religious ideologies, along with an overview of sacred geometry, secret military bases, trans-humanism and a complete overview of the global banking system. Part III goes further into the world of the occult by expanding our what was explained in the first two parts and showing how symbols, numbers, dates, etc., combine to complicate world events in a series of systematic rituals from the father/mother deaths of JFK and Lady Diana to the energy rituals of the 2012 Olympics and the World Trader Center attack in New York in 9/11/01. It also explores the nature of our growing global police state and criminalizing of humankind, but includes ways we can break the paradigm and no longer be slaves to perception.

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