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Who is Ben Davis Jr.?

Ben Davis, Jr- Was born in Madison, Florida, in 1955, to a politically known family in the northern Florida rural counties. He was the only son of a US Navy Frogman of WWII era and raised in Tallahassee, Florida, when his parents relocated in 1960. He was diagnosis of being afflicted with Legge-Perthes bone disorder in the same year and was prescribed to wear a prosthetic leg brace until a cure was completed. August 6, 1966, Ben was declared cured. Gaining high honors in high school sports as an athlete in track & field and being a player on the varsity football team who played for the State Class 4A Championship his senior year. After graduation, the Vietnam War was still ongoing and instead of being a draftee, he joined the US Army on November 26, 1974, until discharge on June 16, 1976, after being involved with top secret projects written in his first book titled, It's About TIME, self published June 5, 2016! Now Ben joins Neely Worldwide Publishing as an official Author on our team to re-release his book! 

This powerful title carries an important message that can benefit everyone- a message destined to revolutionize the stance between the human race of the future with one principle--- FULL DISCLOSURE! The world is facing the most sinister crisis that life on earth has ever seen before in history...

After 40 years of living in the belief that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) has been secretly involved with evil ET's from another world since the end of WWII, this author, tells the true story of an incident at Fort Polk, Louisiana, with benevolent ET's in a mission to re-acquire a TOP SECRET directed energy weapon (DEW) from the hands of the US Army. After the device had been removed from further development, the entire clandestine effort was hastily covered up by the corrupt MIC, the Army Top Brass and the Intelligence agencies (FBI, NSA,CIA,CID, and the unknown MIB's).

After a Congressional Inquiry, a discharge and a verbal threat of death by the Shadow Government and Army Top Brass ensued. This is the first book written by the author, expecting readers to demand FULL DISCLOSURE from Congress of UFO's, Secret Projects, ET's and MIC budgets. Every reader will no longer doubt how powerful and deadly the US Military (MIC) actually is with the content told and actual documents. You, the readers, will finally understand the purpose of this book and join the Treaty to Prevent and build Space-Based weapons forever by telling everyone that, "It's About TIME", is the key to ending all Wars and military control backed by the very rich Elites!

Ben's Books
Previous & Current Projects

"It's About TIME: Incident at Fort Polk"-

Ben Davis Jr.

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Pre- Release: Nov 2016

Officially Released: 23rd January 2017

Available Soon in Ebook, Paperback, Hardbound


On March 14, 1976, several soldiers stationed at Fort Polk, Louisiana, were involved with an alien abduction and encounter, that led to military cover ups from an "Incident" that these men were 'Chosen' by these benevolent ET's to do. Army Intel investigations took place after these soldiers were empowered with telepathic powers to re-acquire a Directed Energy Weapon (DEW) to prevent extinction of the human species 50 years in the future. After 40 years of silence, the real story unfolds to expose the truth about what really happened and what is still planned by the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) over the next 10 years. It's About TIME, for FULL DISCLOSURE or extinction will not be stopped. This story is told by the author, who was 'Chosen' by the ET's to be "The ONE" to lead the mission and steal the (DEW) from the Army R&D sector from further diagnostic and production use intended to exterminate the human race.

"The Pink Mile"-

Ben Davis Jr.

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Officially Released: 23rd January 2017

Available Soon in Ebook, Paperback


The Pink Mile is about Breast Cancer Victim Syndrome.

A personal journey from the spouse who documented the trauma and the never before exposed or told about the severe side effects from post-op breast cancer recovery process.

A true ongoing tragedy that will capture your heart and alarm you of what doctors and the medical world won’t tell you about and how it affects you and your spouse after mastectomy.

"TI vs AI: Targeted Individuals vs. Artificial Intelligence " 

by Ben Davis Jr.

Published by Neely Worldwide Publishing

Official Release: 15th May 2017

Available in Paperback, Hardback & E book


My new book is about the follow up research continued from Book 1, Incident at Fort Polk, when actual podcasts partake in the evaluation of what a Targeted Individual has been through and then related to actual US Patents proving there is Artificial Intelligence in operation by the CIA and how it is connected to Mind Control being used remotely, wirelessly and invisible to the public... YOU!