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Who is Ira Robinson?

Ira Robinson started writing when he was a young lad, finishing his first short story at the age of nine, his first novel at the age of twelve, and has never looked back. Primarily interested in stories of the Fantasical and edgy science fiction, he has incorporated his love of imaginative stories with his passion for evoking a deep emotional response in his readers. His desire is to bring a thoughtful perspective in his readers and to make them the most important 

part of the tale he weaves. 

Ira has been host of a radio show for many years, as well, and, through the experiences and information it has allowed him to access, he has also found a passion for writing non-fiction books which are not only thought provoking, but life changing. Through it all, the focus is always on the reader, and, whether it is a story being told or an answer being found, his books have joined the favorite spots of many bookshelves. Ira Robinson lives with his wife Jolene, their children and a cat, who, of course, believes Ira should spend less time writing and more time giving treats. 

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Radio and research is a time consuming business. I don't do this for money, but part of a universal and mutual journey for wisdom. However, it takes money to run programs each week and bring new information to light and bringing to you the books that I publish. All information provided to you is purely listener and reader sponsored. Ira is always working on projects and  taking action on a constant basis, so please also support his works related directly to radio and his books.   

–  Ira Robinson, Author and Host of Open Eyes Radio 
(LNM Radio/ Open Eyes Network)


Ira's Books
(Previous & Current Projects)


by Ira Robinson

Published by Neely Worldwide Publishing

Official Release: 10th November 2017

Available in Paperback/E book/Hardback


Christa Goode is a young woman running away from her dark past, her family and her God, in order to put her life back together again. But when she is forced to make a decision, she come to realize the true darkness she has been a part of. That is when the real terror begins.... Disturbing and evocative, Penitence will haunt you for years to come...

Ira Robinson has been called the "New Master of Speculative Fiction" and brings a story of dark horror and deep tribulation... Christa's redemption is just one abomination away....

*links for this book will become active as it gets closer to release

"Silent Steps" 

The Takiq Cycle Book 1

by Ira Robinson

Published by Neely Worldwide Publishing

Available via pre order: 17th October 2016 

Official Release: 31st October 2016

Available in Paperback/E book/Hardback


Tragic devastation drove them underground.
Abject desperation brought them back out again.
Their world had changed.  Alien creatures greeted them with misery in tow and enslavement in mind.
Into this world a girl was born.  Made mute by a mistake of birth, Aylen's ability to communicate with others of her kind was absolute.
But natural things - animals, trees, the softly creeping things in the night - were open to her, and had many things to teach her...
... including how to save her world from those beings that held her people in thrall.

Aylen's first silent steps are just the beginning...


"Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the Unknown"

by Ira Robinson

Published by Neely Worldwide Publishing

Official Release: 3rd July 2017

Available in Paperback/E book/Hardback


Dark secrets lie within the pages of this book.

Within the dark of night, subtle sounds can be heard.  Unseen hands reach out to touch, stirring echoes of past nightmares and paranoia.

In Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the Unknown you will read chilling true stories of hauntings, demonic possession, and everything that goes bump in the night, as we explore the hows and whys of haunted houses and more.

Ira Robinson has been not only a man who has personally experienced the paranormal, but an investigator for many years, as well, and brings his expertise to bear on this mysterious subject.

What did our ancient ancestors think of the spirit world? What did they do as a response to their own paranormal experiences? Are the tools people use today to communicate with the spirit world not only appropriate, but safe to use?

Can the dead return to us in some way in order to help us or harm us?

You will find an answer to these questions and much more in Haunted: Finding an Explanation for the unknown.

Don’t be afraid.  The keys to understanding are in your hands.


"Voices Carry

The Takiq Cycle Book 2

by Ira Robinson

Published by Neely Worldwide Publishing

Available via pre order: TBA 2017 

Official Release: TBA 2017

Soon to be Available in Paperback/E book/Hardback


Unavailable... Please check back soon!

*links for this book will become active as it gets closer to release

When Good Relationships Go Bad: (How To Break The Cycle and Find Your Perfect Relationship)

by Ira Robinson

Released 1st Feb 2017

Available in Kindle & Paperback

Are you tired of going from breakup to breakup, constantly finding yourself filled with hope that, just maybe, this time would be different?

Have you found that you just can NOT get yourself away from that one type of person that you know is the worst person for you to be with?

Do you want to find the perfect relationship for yourself, one that will not leave you like all of the others – heartbroken, lost and utterly alone?

Then this book is exactly what you are looking for.

There are many things that can go wrong in a relationship, some of which are beyond your control.

Sometimes, though, it seems that, no matter how hard you try, you always end up going through yet another breakup, yet another struggle to pick up the pieces and move on with life, and yet another round of explaining to your friends and family why it had to end.

Are you ready to make a change?

When Good Relationships Go Bad will help you …

… find the core reason why you cannot find the right relationship for you

… discover how you can break out of the cycle of going from bad relationship to bad relationship

… finally, once and for all, learn how to control the way your heart and mind interact, and not be constantly led to those you desire the least (yet, still end up with!)

… find out how people just like YOU have already overcome the struggle to find their perfect someone, and how you can do it too!

Does this sound too good to be true?

Is it really possible to end the battle with yourself and finally be able to find the one for you?

Until now, you have gone through the pain of love and loss, and have, perhaps, given up hope of ever finding that one that is right for you.

With When Good Relationships Go Bad (How To Break The Cycle and Find Your Perfect Relationship), you can discover how to have the strength to carry on, end the ache, and find that person meant for you.

"Illusions & Dreams: The Ultimate Collection 

by Ira Robinson

Released 1st Feb 2017

Available in Kindle & Paperback

Dark desires, tragic decisions, and amazing journeys...

Shadows lurk out of the corner of your eye...

Burning questions and bending realities force their way into your mind...

... all this, and more, will become a part of your Illusions and Dreams.

This is The Ultimate Collection of short stories by bestselling author Ira Robinson.

In this book, you will find new places, new faces and be taken on a journey through amazing Illusions and Dreams.

"How To Get More Customers 

(Better Business Builder Series Book 2)" 

by Ira Robinson

Self Published 

May 4th 2012

Re-published and released 1st Feb 2017

Available in Kindle & Hardback

Do you have a business? Do you want more customers to come to your business?
Do you know how to get that done?
Most businesses do not have a clue how to effectively push customers to make the move to contact them, let alone make that customer buy from them, again and again.
Within the pages of this essential guide, you will find all of this and more ...

  • ... what is the one question that every customer asks before they enter your business
  • ... how to answer that question in their minds before even talking to them.
  • ... 2 ways each customer thinks of every buying decision
  • ... what you can do to literally force them to choose you over any other
  • ... what risks are associated with certain aspects of your business, and what you can do to avoid them
  • ... the single most important factor in your business, and why you are failing at doing it.
  • ... why your advertising is failing, and what you can do about it.
  • ... why you need and how to grab the attention of your customers in a radical way
  • ... why most businesses struggle with gaining new customers, when the answer to their problem is staring them in the face
  • ... the one type of customer that will buy from you over and over, and you do not have to work to get them to do it
  • ... the 5 key areas of your business you can improve to effectively double your profits
  • ... what your business can do right now, for free, to test how effective your advertising really is.
  • ... what you can do, today, to bring in more customers without spending a dime more than you already are on advertising (that does not work anyway)
  • ... how small changes in the way you are already doing things can alter the amount of business you receive in dramatic ways
  •  ... prove why Direct Mail is NOT dead, and what you can do to steamroll customers into your business using it.
  •  ... how your company can take advantage of the community to bring in new customers.
  •  ... why the testimonials you have from customers are actually HURTING your business, and what to do about it!

If you want to gain more business, and make better use of your time and money, you will get this book. If you want to know EXACTLY what to do to MAKE customers come through your door, RIGHT NOW, you need this book Download this book right now and start taking advantage of the strategies within. With it, you can and WILL bring your business to new heights! 

How To Make Money Tomorrow 

(Without Having A Job) 

(Better Business Builder Series Book 1)
by Ira Robinson

Self Published 

April 21st 2012

Available in Kindle

"This book came at one of the most critical times in my life because I had to make money without having a job ... it does provide some good tips and advice ... " 
-- Charles T. Franklin

"I was pleasantly surprised by the book ... They're very easy ways to make extra cash. " 
-- BklynsCellist

"... from a great writer who put a lot of thought into it ..."
-- Robin B

The state of the economy is always changing, but you know that you have bills to 
pay, mouths to feed, and things that you NEED to get done. All of this takes money, and you never seem to have enough of it to go aroundThis book will help you change that. There are things you can do, right now, that will earn you easy money and can be done no matter how the economy is. With this guide, you can, in easy to do and very actionable steps ...

  •  ... find ways to provide in-demand services to businesses in your area
  •  ... learn how to take advantage of free-to-use systems that can provide incredible value to businesses around you
  •  ... learn why these services are IN DEMAND and are ALWAYS PAYING
  •  ... position yourself as an invaluable asset and have people PAYING YOU every day to provide those services
  •  ... find many ideas to bring in cash today or tomorrow, and have people BEGGING YOU to let them give you money
  •  ... find ways to boost your creativity and start "thinking outside of the box"

Whether you are a high school student looking to earn some extra cash, a college student needing money to get through, or a hard working person doing your job every day, the methods in this book will help you achieve your financial goals, and start finding ways to get what you need, right now.

Let's get this clear right now...

These are NOT "get rich quick" schemes, NOT "biz opps" that cheat you out of your cash and leave you feeling worthless. They are also not multi-level marketing schemes. Instead, these are simple things, laid out in a step-by-step manner, to legitimately earn money by helping others in your area. There is work involved. If you are looking to push a button and "get that money," move on. This is not the book for you. If, however, you are willing to put forth an effort, you WILL make money using this book! You owe it to yourself and those you care for to do the best you can, with the skills you already have available, and do it without having to kill yourself for someone else, to earn money. Download this book today and start on your path to financial freedom!

"... real ways to create income may be found from the pages of this book..."
-- Donna Smith