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Who is Trevian J.H. Brannon?

My name (full name) is Trevian Jerell Hunter Brannon I was born in Colorado Springs, CO in Fort Carson at Evans Hospital. My roots is in Shady Grove, West Memphis, Arkansas, but make no mistake I'm from Port Arthur, Texas...Screwed Up Texas, that is! The Villa of The Trill...Writing poetry (my own 'unique' brand of poetry, "Trilla Poetry") rhymes, & flows is without a doubt my favorite pastime and a divine gift that was bestowed upon me by The Heavenly Father. Through my 'Trilla Poetry' sayings, I want to entertain you...I want to make you laugh...I want you to enjoy yourself & constantly be in awe, but the greatest achievement for me personally is to motivate & inspire 1 person through my writings...the "fame" and the "recognition" is not truly important.

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Trevian's Books
Previous & Current Projects

Warrior, Champion, Legend...

By Trevian J.H. Brannon

(Currently Self Published, re-released with NWP)

Originally Released  October 16, 2015

Re-release 20th June 2016

Available Currently Ebook and Paperback

Lecture & Lab. All work & no play. That's life for a year-round college student at Full Sail University. Now essentially at the halfway point, the struggles, the hardships, the studying & the grind gets real for Young King JSTA, but so are the good times!! From a memorable Surprise Party he attends for his Dad to the one house party in which The Trilla Poet cuts & internal obstacles that ultimately will have a impact on his life & solidify him as a Warrior. Champion. Legend.

The Journey Vol. 2
By Trevian J.H. Brannon
(Self Published)
Released  July 10, 2014
Available Kindle/Paperback

High school is over with...T.J.'s on a new path -- as a college student attending Full Sail University. The journey continues & as with all journies there are some firsts to experience and endure. For T.J. it's one that was greatly unexpected -- falling in love and being truly in love for the 1st time.

The Journey Vol. 1
By Trevian J.H. Brannon
(Self Published)
Released  February 15, 2013
Available Kindle/Paperback

Follow Trevian Jerell Hunter Brannon (affectionately known by few as, "T.J.") as he takes you on a journey which includes key events in his life such as his final month of high school which includes his Senior Prom Night, Graduation & the beginning of the transition from a boy to a man...