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Who Is Debby Schwartz?

Debby Schwartz - Actor, Director, Acting Coach and Author

         Born - Debby Minsky January 17, 1951

         Married Michael Schwartz in 1975 and has 2 Adult Children Lisa Gail and Jonathan (he is married to Christina Scanlon)


Debby grew up in Queens, NY where from the age of 4 through the age of 46 she was physically and mentally abused by her parents. To cope with the abuse she escaped into the old 1930's. 1940's and 1950's movie musicals. Debby would pretend she was Judy Garland dancing with Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire and that she was loved by all. That was the only way she felt she would ever deserve and receive love. After High School, she was accepted at  the New York Academy of Theatrical Arts (which was a 2-year conservatory) and HB Studios. While training there she took private voice lesson and took dance classes at Carnegie Hall. Debby was able to earn a living as an actor, loved it but something was missing. She met her husband Michael who wanted to get married and have children. Debby was too afraid to have children, as she felt she would abuse her children because she was abused. Statistically speaking a child abuser usually is one who has been abused themselves. Her parents were both abused by their parents. With the support and love of Michael, and therapy she agreed to marry and have children. Not only was this the best decision she ever made it helped her to realize that the chain of abuse can be broken. Still there was a void in her life that she couldn't quite figure out. When her oldest child Jonathan was 10 she went back into theatre as an acting coach for children and directing. She helped many children through the years to cope with their abusive relatives and that gave her more of a purpose. She also directed over 60 plays, one film (on bullying) and now she is directing a web series. She also is a partner with 2 other people in a not for profit film/acting school Cinematique. Still there was that void that she could never figure out what it is was until 2 years ago, when a very dear friend (who knew about the abuse she had suffered), suggested she write a book about her abuse. It took her a year to complete this book as it was extremely difficult to write as she was reliving painful memories that she had thought she had dealt with. Once she wrote it and decided to have it published to hopefully help others who have been abused and let them know they can break that chain the void was gone.

" Surviving Abuse Behind Closed Doors"-

 Debby Schwartz

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Pre- Release: 7th June 2016 

Official Release: 1st July 2016

Available in Paperback & Ebook


Tells a horribly incredible, vivid, true story that brings you up close and personal with the turmoil and pain of being a victim of Child Abuse, and the ongoing struggles to deal with the psychological effects of coming to terms with it.

Debby Schwartz, grew up in NYC with her family during the 1950's and 1960's was a victim of Child Abuse under the hand of her cruel parents from the age of 4. “Why wasn’t I loved? What was so wrong with me? God these very cruel people couldn’t be my real parents, my real parents had to be in heaven and they did love me, right?”

Her very sentiment rings throughout her ordeals. We can all find some commonality with the horrors experienced by Debby, though many of us have not experienced horror to the extreme that she has. However, it is the message of hope, strength, and love that prevails above the pain, anger, depression, and helplessness. Long after traumatic events have ended, the torment still continues. Each heart-wrenching situation, one worse than the next, ends with a light at the end of the tunnel. Her story is her transformation, of a breaking point, and a turning point, from a life of desperation to one of hope. Whether you're looking to better understand child abuse, commiserate with her, or draw strength from it, you will gain so much from reading this story.

Debby's book is profound and extremely emotional, and can affect the bravest of hearts. Follow her journey into finding out what living as a child of child abuse was really like growing up in the 50's and 60's and how there weren't any real agencies that would or who could help those suffering. Follow her as she retells her story of survival....

In this book Debby tells of her gut wrenching testimony of a life of abuse, endurance and survival. There is an intensity and passion in her writing that draws you into her story where she shares the depths of her disparity, while continually seeking approval from her abusive parents that never comes. Debby now gives back to those who need exactly what she so desperately wanted in her life growing up. These days Debby lives free from the bondage of all those frightening years. A recommended read for all that inspires courage and hope from the deepest parts of your soul.

- Vikki Ludwig

This is a MUST read. I am truly honored to call Deb Schwartz friend and family. Now Debby can add author to her list of accomplishments besides Deb's accomplishments in the world of performing arts.

Read this book and you will swear no child could or should endure this type of abuse. Yet, in the over ten years I have had the privilege of knowing Mike & Debby Schwartz, I can guarantee you every single word is true. This is the story of Deb Schwartz's childhood. Reading this book will blow your mind. It is at the intensity level of Sybil. This story will baffle you. At times it will be tough reading but the end is worth it.

Deb Schwartz could have made nothing of her life and go with the "woe is me". Instead she worked hard, went to school on her own and pushed thru to achieve her dream of performing professionally. Further, because of her childhood, she dedicated herself to helping others especially children. So many kids owe Deb a debt of gratitude. For if not for Mike and Deb many lives would be so much different. She inspired so many kids. She changed the lives of so many kids for the better. I, for one, am eternally gratefully to Deb and Mike.They are and have been like seconds parents to Rebecca. Rebecca is Deb's second daughter.

Deb did not want to tell her life story. But I felt her story needed to be told and could serve as inspiration to so many others. (Besides, if it became a movie I would want to play the cool, suave and debonair psychiatrist - makeup can do wonders).

This non-fiction book is more than a two thumbs up. You will not regret buying and reading this book. I foresee this book being assigned read in schools. 

- Mike Sosa

Read from start to finish in 2 hours! Very well written. Heart wrenching to realize that this is a true story! A must read for anyone who was ever abused or knows someone who was. I think this book would be an asset to victims counseling groups. Congrats! To Debby Schwartz for being so courageous to tell her story!

- Barbara Kopp


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