How much involvement do Neely Worldwide Publishing have with the publishing and interaction of an author and their book?

COMPLETE FULL ATTENTION! At Neely Worldwide Publishing, once you are given a contract we entirely work one-on-one with you from start to finish, including communications on the daily progress of your book. We have an open door policy with our authors to help them with all their needs. Our company motto is FAMILY and we strongly uphold it, and we WILL NOT ever take advantage of you, 100% guaranteed. We are a company that loves to help ALL authors grow into their talents. Once published by us, we do our absolute best to be there 100% of the way.
Anyone can self publish a book! What's the difference between a popular self publishing avenue via Amazon- CreateSpace, a Big Publishing House and Independent Publisher- Neely Worldwide Publishing?

At Neely Worldwide Publishing we constantly see many authors whom have previously published through Amazon-Createspace, (being the most used self publishing site) before many times and after learning some hard lessons, have had to get out of it. Amazon have dirty hidden tricks when it comes to their contracts and clauses, but many don't read the fine print, and so do many of the other self publishing sites too- don't be fooled. So we will give you a little advice, for real, with alot of experience behind us. We will tell you the difference between what we do as a real publisher and Createspace... Keep in mind anything that is deemed "free" is not always a good investment as an author, especially if you want to make it to the best sellers lists, and any successful author invests in themselves and their book/s wholeheartedly in order to be where they want to be in their respective careers. Anyone can publish a book, but most do not know where to begin or have the resources to market and sell. Don't let no-one tell you the skies only the limit coz it aint.

Unlike the big publishing houses that offer advances to their authors, please keep in mind that their royalties once publishing your book are only between 2-9% and you are in debt before you even start earning and you wont be treated like an author but much like "a little man in a corporate world" without respect rightfully deserved. Many of those authors are stuck with doing product endorsements and making public appearances to make the money back, because a costly team is hired to do all the work ie. editors, artists, literary agents, lawyers and the list of professionals goes on... 

As a publisher, I see many writers/authors on a daily basis who all have published under Amazon- Createspace and have found it great. Those others who really know how Amazon and their affiliates actually work are correct to say that they cannot be trusted at all. So whats the difference between what i do and Createspace... The difference between Createspace and Neely Worldwide Publishing, is one of two things. The first is that Amazon own Createspace- which i'm sure that you already know this. But the reason why I mention this is because Amazon are a self-publishing company that has many publishing clauses (which many authors do not recognize when publishing with t hem). Amazon is actually a door blocker for ALL authors and many retailers DO NOT like to stock Amazon (Createspace- Self- Published) books at all, and two, as a publishing house we have the contacts to get you where you need to be. Amazon- Createspace do not have a very big worldwide distribution network either and will ONLY sell your book through their "Amazon" affiliated companies. You can use Createspace, but no author is guaranteed a door to be properly seen, and if you do sell through their global distribution network, not only will it cost a little more but your royalties can diminish to only receiving 35% and it doesn't matter if your book is in digital or print. At the end of the day Createspace, like to hold the rights to your book and keep them. Even though you are "Self-publishing" through them, if you want to remove your book from their bookstores it is a long process and they WILL continue to sell your book, just because they can without you receiving anything for it. This is mentioned all on their website too.… In reality, if you remove your book from Createspace, it can take about 1 week, but only if Amazon approve it first through their revision process. It is up to their discretion what they want to do not the right of an author. This is a classic example of how a company literally tries to steal books, and again it's in their policies, so perfectly legal since we all sign contracts to sign up. They get away with it and we lose all the way. Some authors under self publishing contract with them, love the KDP program and assume that a 90-day contract with Amazon actually exists and by signing up to it you can earn higher royalties- WRONG. Once the 90-days is up,yes you can opt out of the KDP program but Amazon still own your book and an author earns $0.

My publishing company- Neely Worldwide Publishing, is an Independent Publisher. We do not offer advances for any publishing deal, due to the high volume of work that we receive. In order to get your book published we offer publishing packages and provide you with the platform to publish, by doing all the hard work for you (with the exception that authors need to do a little marketing themselves, putting a name to a book). Now, Neely Worldwide Publishing, does ALL the publishing and hardwork for you, and work one-on-one with you as closely as possible, with respect. We have guarantees that we can distribute your book globally, without restrictions to retailers. Obviously, it is up to the retailers discretion on what book they want to sell in each store individually (with the exception that Barnes and Noble have a consideration process for each title that they stock), but Neely Worldwide Publishing push hard in negotiations with each retailer to ensure your book reaches where you want it to go. At the end of the day we want to take you as far as possible, but it is up to you far you want to take it yourself. We organize book signings at venues for you. We have everything from Editors, Graphic and Web Designers, to Literary Agents all standing by 7 days a week to answer your questions. Something that Amazon does not provide you.
Who pays for marketing and advertising?

All expenses such as marketing/advertising, etc. we do as Neely Worldwide Publishing is out of our own pocket or as outlined within each individual publishing contract. However, we strongly suggest you market and advertise your own book as you’re the best promotion for your book.
Will you be providing swag or marketing material and will this come out of the final cost placed for the book or does Neely Worldwide Publishing pay for it?

We only provide whats in the publishing packages on offer. Beware some packages exclude certain products and services, but can be requested at an additional cost to you. Neely Worldwide Publishing also offer addition services in marketing and promotions to help authors who need swagga and marketing materials for their book.

Will I be able to buy print books at a discounted price?

YES, if you have a contract with us, it will listed in your contract. All books are purchased by POD.

Will I be able to gift ebooks as giveaways?

Yes, you can be provided encoded PDF's for giveaways, but only by request.
What are my timeline/deadlines to get the other books finished in the series?

Depends on how fast you write. No deadlines, as it hinders creativity. Unless it is obligatory to submit by a precise date,  only stipulated in your contract then you will have a due date.
How involved will the editors be in this process? As in, do I need to run my ideas through the editor or Neely Worldwide Publishing before finalizing my drafts? 

No, you provide us with a finished manuscript. We will proof your manuscript before it goes to print. If you require editorial services (at your expense), you need to request it. Unless editing is in the publishing package that you have chosen, we will then send it to the editor who is working on your book, whom will work one on one with you to produce the final edited manuscript. If you choose not to edit your work, Neely Worldwide Publishing will not take responsibility for poor sales as a result of a poorly written book.
What are your average sales per author per book?

There is no way to predict this at all. It varies per author (author involvement, how many books they have out, social media, blogs, etc.) It also depends on the genre as some genres sell better then others, but Neely Worldwide Publishing will do our best in the marketing and promotion of your book/s once published.
Can I offer excerpts of my book on my website/social networking sites or on blogs?

You may offer a sample, excerpt or teaser of your book on your website, as long as it doesn’t include a substantial portion of your book’s content. Up to about 10% of the book’s content is a reasonable amount, but it is highly recommended that you do not exceed 10% of the book. Neely Worldwide Publishing do not take responsibility if your do and you will be in breech of publishing contract.
Does Neely Worldwide Publishing work to get your book/s in stores?

All of our books are readily available in bookstore’s and library’s systems to be ordered, but they will not be on the shelves. If you want them to be on the shelves you can ask Neely Worldwide Publishing to negotiate and talk to local bookstores/retailer and see if they will order them on consignment. Barnes and Noble, however will take your book for consideration in their stores. This process can take up to 4mths. The final decision is made by them, and not us. We have had authors want to do this and they’ve been successful in getting their books on the shelves in major and independent retailers. However, about 90-95% of book sales are now ordered online. So only about 10-20% of sales come from physical books sold in-stores. Your book will be guaranteed to be globally distributed for sale.
Do you offer an advance?

Due to the large volume of submissions we receive, we DO NOT offer an advance with any publishing contract.