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Who is Jeramie Dean Melvin?

Welcoming a NEW and UPCOMING writer, Jeramie Dean Melvin to The Neely Worldwide Publishing Family of Talented Authors!!

Jeramie, an aspiring writer from Oregon with several of his works soon to be published by Neely Worldwide Publishing. Jeramie started writing many years ago and it was a dream of his to become a published author. He now has been given that chance and he has been fully accepted into a publishing house and is now publishing his very first book of fiction war-era romance "A Camellia, My Love" making his debut as an author with Neely Worldwide Publishing.

Keep watching out for more upcoming information as Jeramie makes his welcoming aspiring debut into Literature. His first book is a emotionally charged journey of love, grief and loss sure to touch the hearts of each and every one of you.

Jeramie's Books

"My Camellia, My Love"

Jeramie Dean Melvin

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Officially Released: 7th July 2015

Available in Paperback & Ebook

When Mary Brookes learns the past two months of her life have been a deception, her heart, hopes,and dreams are all shattered once again. She sinks into a depression from which, it seems, she will never recover. Until she meets James Davenport.

James, the owner of the most popular restaurant in town, sweeps Mary off her feet. He shows her the bright side of life, and for the first time in years, she is truly happy. The happiness does not last for very long, as, due to her painful past, Mary's tendency to distrust automatically leads her to jump to conclusions when she is led to believe that James is not the type of man she has come to know. She learns the truth at last, only to discover that the chance to make amends is forever out of her reach.

A story of a broken heart learning to love and trust again, A Camellia, My Love demonstrates how sacrificing true love is not worth what would be considered a frivolous thing, should the unthinkable ever happen.