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Who is Kathi Haacke Morehead?

Kathi, formerly three time Self-Published Fictional Writer in All Women's Literature and Spirituality and also a Autobiographical Author and Blogger. Kathi came into self-publishing from the blogosphere world and has been fully accepted into a publishing house and is now re-publishing her third book with Neely Worldwide Publishing.

Kathi, a lovely, cheerful woman whom was born (in Baltimore) and raised in Maryland, where she still resides. Kathi, happily now lives in Brunswick, Maryland with her husband, Dave, and four finicky felines. They have a blended family of 4 children and 3 grandchildren. A graduate of a B.S. in Mass Communication at Towson State University and she also a graduate of Journalism and Public affairs at American University. She realized at age 59 that the time was now to make a writing dream come true, thus launching herself into the world of blogging! Now, Kathi is preoccupied (some may say obsessed) with the issues of aging, graying, and pushing the limits of both. Kathi has also written several articles on aging, children, for Mind Body Green and Boomeon, dealing with, for the most part, an acceptance that she, as a Baby Boomer, was getting older and celebrating the uniqueness that accompanies that milestone.

Her first self-published book, HEART BLEED, was a compelling look back on her life and experiences (exploring such topics as God, abortion pre Roe v. Wade, adoption, divorce, suicide and domestic abuse), and her eventual reconciliation of heart and soul.

Her second non-fiction, THE BEST OF THE CHEAP SEATS, is an anthology of blog posts aimed at the new 40's, the Baby Boomers. CHEAP SEATS is an engaging and challenging look at the issues confronting Baby Boomers as they move into the AARP years. In these excerpts from her blog "A View From The Cheap Seats Today", Kathi deals with issues including aging, career changes, empty nesting, and mortality - all from the perspective of a Baby Boomer.

Kathi is looking forward to the re-publication of her third novel "WHITE NIGHT", to be released on June 20th, 2015. A story of love, redemption, and understanding. We at Neely Worldwide Publishing will be there for her every step of the way as she continues to publish and write more books.

Neely Worldwide Publishing looks extremely forward to working with Kathi and helping her grow as an Author. She deserves all the accolades for her more than brilliant writes that are highly relative to each and every one of us. Thought provoking and deeply profound, join us as we ride a wild journey through the mind of a flawless inspirational writer.


Kathi's Books


Kathi Haacke Morehead

Neely Worldwide Publishing, Inc.
September 2017

Cover Design: Katie Neely

Soon to be Available in Ebook, Paperback, Hardback 


Not yet available... please check back soon!

And so the journey begins in earnest! Neely Worldwide Publishing's Author in Residence, Kathi Haacke Morehead is pleased to present the final cover for her newest upcoming release I.Am.Elizabeth, a story of medieval intrigue based on the life of Elizabeth Plantagenet. Set both contemporaneously and in the 16th century, the reader will be invited to weigh for themselves the truth of Elizabeth's life, including the disappearance of Elizabeth's brothers, the Lost Princes in the Tower, the ascension of her uncle, Richard III, to the throne of England, and her marriage to Henry Tudor. Elizabeth Plantagenet was daughter, niece, sister, wife, and mother to five Kings of England, and grandmother of the first and second Queens Regnant: Mary I and Elizabeth I.

You may have met The White Princess, but prepare for your introduction to the real Elizabeth of York.

"Eternal Dawn"- 

Kathi Haacke Morehead

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Pre- Release: 7th November 2015

Officially Released: 26th November 2015

Available Now in Ebook, Paperback, Hardbound & Box Sequel Set

Kris and Jake Collins have the world by the tail: successful, happy lives, loving family, and a deep love that sustains them both. All of their dreams are coming true and there is nothing but blue skies on the horizon. When circumstances conspire to strip all that they’ve known from them, will they be strong enough to recognize the true meaning of love?

“ … an exceptional book! Soul searching in so many ways” Stormy Nights Blogs and Reviews

“Even if you’re not a “spiritual” person, this book will take you on a spiritual journey like no other.” Lynchburg Mama Review

“This book and its predecessor tell the story of an epic love that transcends time and space.” Andi’s Book Reviews

"White Night" (2nd Ed)

Kathi Haacke Morehead

(Neely Worldwide Publishing)

Officially Released: 20th June 2015

Available Now in Ebook, Paperback, Hardbound & Box Sequel Set

Can death teach us the lessons we missed in life? Is the journey over or just beginning? Joanna lived the perfect life: perfect daughter, wife, and mother ... or so she thought until she died. Is death the end of our life lessons, or just the beginning? Jo Campbell is about to find out and her salvation will depend on the answer. 

"Memories are like spider webs. They weave a magnificent gossamer web through our lives. Trouble is, we want to cut the bad memories away because they hurt us. But try taking a spider web apart. All of a sudden it all gets balled up together and sticks to you. Hell of a time making heads or tails of that mess. And that's where you are, Jo. You're untangling the mess." - WHITE NIGHT 

"Part memoir and part humor, Jo and her soul take us on a vivid ride of innocence, friendship, love, loss, and heartache. It's a lot of emotions to cram into such a little space, but Author Kathi Haacke Morehead manages to do so flawlessly." - Literarysweet.com 

"I haven't read a more inspirational, thought provoking, book of fiction in a long, long time." - Amamascorneroftheworld.com

"Heart Bleed: Letting go and stanching the flow"

Kathi Haacke Morehead

(Churchill Publishing)

Officially Released: 22nd May 2014

Available Now in Paperback & Ebook

Heart Bleed is an unfiltered view through the eyes of an aging hippie as she winds her way through the maze of middle age. It is a unique and affirming collection of essays, comments, and tributes to friends, family, and personal growth.

"The Best From The Cheap Seats (Volume 1)"

Kathi Haacke Morehead

(Churchill Publishing)

Officially Released: 10th August 2014

Available in Paperback/Ebook

An engaging and challenging look at the issues confronting Baby Boomers as they move into the AARP years. In these excerpts from her blog "A View From The Cheap Seats Today", Kathi Haacke Morehead deals with issues including aging, career changes, empty nesting, and mortality - all from the perspective of a Baby Boomer.