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Who is Kyle Tunnicliff?

Kyle Tunnicliff was born in 1985 and raised in Adelaide, South Australia.

He is primarily focused on fantasy and sci-fi writing, enjoying the process of mapping out how alternate societies might live and interact. He also uses his writing and characters to explore moral boundaries and how a person's choices impact their growth and opportunities.

"I believe that a book is something precious, something sacred. From the way the pages smell to the world that you get to see, hear, and experience inside of it, a book is a conduit and a treasure; an everlasting part of an individual that cannot be enjoyed any other way. If you've ever cuddled a book, you probably know what I mean."

Kyle resides in Adelaide with his fiance Krystel, and his children, Rook and Quinn.

Kyle's Books


By Kyle Tunnicliff

Official Release 22nd May 2017

Available via Digital Ebook, Paperback & Hardback

Dakaia's passion is to write and create, and nothing pleases him more than to sit upon his favoured rock by the stream and bring new stories to life. He never considered that one day he might actually be in a position to do exactly that.
His growth into manhood goes from ideal to bittersweet when Sunscripture manifests in him, and among the events that he causes, he creates his ideal partner, though sadly due imperfect wording he can neither see nor hear her whilst everyone else can!
Along with the troubles brought on by his newfound ability to rewrite the world around him, he must elude the grasp of the secretive Worldmaker's Guild, an organisation that bends the governement from the shadows and will exhaust any resource to bring Dakaia under their control.
Now, along with the help of two fugitives from The Guild, he must develop his skills and his wits to protect himself and his loved ones, before the Guild gain the leverage they need to press him into their service.