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Who is Martin Higgins?

I am a copywriter, journalist, editor and podcaster from Liverpool, England. I wrote my novel, Human+, in 2012 and in the following year began my podcast, The Eternities, which tackles similar themes of consciousness and human development. On the podcast, I've interviewed writers and thinkers such as Dean Radin, Ramez Naam and Anthony Peake. I have recently worked as a writer for a nutrition expert on a soon to be published book with a radical take on nutrition and diet. In 2017, I will begin co-writing a book with an "underground" psychotherapist about his tremendously effective work using unsanctioned MDMA and psilocybin with select, consenting clients.

TRUTH CAT RADIO INTERVIEW– This airing we have Martin Higgins joining us. Martin is a writer, journalist and podcaster. He has worked freelance as a journalist and copywriter for a variety of UK and international clients, devising and writing content, including features, press releases, brochures and blog posts. Martin is the author of ‘Human+’: "The Singularity meets Eastern mysticism ... a science fiction novel about high technology and spirituality … a science-fiction page-turner inspired by futures studies, psychic spy research, and the transhumanist movement” –KurzweilAI.net; “A very important book … breathless in its intensity … Human+ asks the most profound questions … a stunning debut novel” –Anthony Peake. We will be discussing transcendence & transhumanism. Beyond the Matrix with Richard Kary on Truthcatradio – December 12, 2016 

Martin's Books

Human + 

by Martin Higgins

Originally Self Published via CreateSpace in 2013

Re-Released by Neely Worldwide Publishing 

TBA March 2017- Coming Soon

Soon to be Available in Paperback/E book/Hardback


David yearns to change the world. But, he is only a struggling artist, struggling with his rent, drug addiction and -- amidst a storm of dark visions and precognitions -- insanity.

When reality finally collapses on the streets of New York, he enters the orbit of a shadowy network of revolutionaries, known only as The Company, lured by the promise of psychic self-mastery and the chance to achieve his deepest desires. David quickly finds himself a key player in a dizzying scramble for power where the stakes include the next crucial steps of humanity itself and, perhaps, his very soul.

Human+ explores the timeless duality of mind and matter in an era when cutting-edge science has come to echo ancient mysticism, and when emerging technology promises for the first time in history to put humans in charge of their own evolution -- for better or worse.

"A very important book ... breathless in its intensity ... Human+ asks the most profound questions ... a stunning debut novel" 
- Anthony Peake, author of The Labyrinth of Time: The Illusion of Past, Present and Future and The Out of Body Experience - the Science and History of Astral Travel