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Who is Willie "Jack" Curtis?

Introducing a NEW Author Willie "Jack" Curtis is joining the Neely Worldwide Publishing Family. Born in 1912, Jack Curtis has bundled his stories into many epics for all to read. 

This man, at 103 years old deserves all the accolades in the world.

Pre-releasing his first and only title "The Secret Revelation" on February 15th 2015, this writer is going to knock your socks off. I love his style and his concept.

Please welcome and honor him with open arms.

Update 3-17-2016

Due to illness Mr. Curtis has requested for his book "The Secret Revelation" to be re-released as an anthology series by collaborating with other authors and their short stories. He wants his legacy to remain strong and live on by continuing his passion of story telling and giving back to authors who want to be a part of it. "Leave no story untold," he states.... Mr. Curtis wants to release and continue to release in his legacy, even after death (when this happens) for NWP to release 3-4 books a year, giving each writer an opportunity to have themselves be published and be recognized and credited.

Please contact NWP if you would love to be a part of Mr. Curtis' Anthology Series, submissions are open for the next book anthology release at the end of July 2016 & and at the end of October 2016.


"The Secret Revelation" (Book 1)

By Willie "Jack" Curtis (Collab Author)

(A Book of Collaborative Short Stories)


Official Release: February 15th 2015

Re-Release: April 29th 2016

Available in Paperback/Ebook

Story 1: The Secret Revelation

At last, the new day has begun and the sacred artifacts had been returned to their old locations within the Egyptian Exhibition within the National Museum of World Phenomena. I truly hate Italian streets but somehow, being here has given me a renewed sense of purpose. Nothing could be more profound as to travel the streets of Rome in search of rare antiques that may have been lost, stolen, or simply misplaced and forgotten about. Life on the edge comes with the job but there always seems to be some greater mystery or purpose behind each of my finds.... - Willie "Jack" Curtis

Story 2: Viral Ministry of Dream Livers

Imagine a world where nightmares and dreams feed.  A virus has been drifting throughout the ages and it wants to find fulfillment, but the government has been keeping it under the cloud of scientific investigation.  Now this virus deems exposure and there is nothing the government can do to keep it hidden. 

Story 3: Time Walker 2016

Envision a world where God returns and desires to end the reign of an adversary that wants to make it's place within the timelines of his creation.  The Earth and the human civilization over the millennia will find their world transformed.  There is only existence and within it, the timelines of the past will transform the future.  Journey with an Omnipotent God of Creation and Katie, to restore life and the resurrect the past tamperings of our civilizations.